At Le Rac Shack we serve French Alpine foods, including Fondue and Raclette. We serve only the finest Alpine Cheeses and Meats in order to deliver the true taste of the Alps to our customers.

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ALL NEW. NEW STALL. NEW YEAR. NEW FESTIVALS. NEW TEAM. more info to follow.........

The Chalet Prototype
The Designs for the 2014 Stand, complete with sheltered seating area.
The final Image @Glasto 2014

Savoie Fayre - Festival and Event Caterers

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Raclette - Rustic, Original, Delicious!


At Savoie Fayre we offer traditional and contemporary versions of the extremely tasty alpine dish, Raclette. Serving from a Alpine Chalet themed stand we bring a sense of continental style to any event. For those who have not tried it before 'Raclette' is both the name of the dish and the cheese upon which it is based. First, one takes half a wheel of Raclette, imported from valleys of the Haute-Savoie region of France, and place it under the grill. Once runny, the cheese is scraped over a handful of boiled new Charlotte potatoes, thinly sliced home honey roasted hams, European cured sausages and crunchy pickled cornichons. The result is a well rounded meal that both smells and tastes delicious. Originally made popular by the weather beaten mountain folk of the Alps, Raclette retains its ability to warm and reinvigorate, providing the hungry customer with the fuel they need to keep the party going.  


We cater for events of every description:

  • Music Festivals
  • County Shows
  • Weddings
  • Birthdays and Parties
  • Company and Christmas celebrations
  • School and Summer festivals 

If you can't take your party to the Alps, let us bring a bit of it back to you - Private Event Packages

The Dream View

'Scrumptious comfort food and a great price, unbelievable'

John Percival 

"Absolutely delicious, I'll be coming back for more"


Patrick Collins