Born in the Shire, raised on the slopes

We both hail from the small Oxfordshire village of Brightwell Baldwin, but it was during our formative years spent on the slopes of the Alps that the inspiration for the Raclette we bring you today was born. Having both served our respective University stints we set out looking for a way to become our own bosses and channel our youthful exhuberance in a positive direction, thus Le Rac Shack came to be. So far we're loving it. Or at least as much as two people crammed into a hot van, constantly burning themselves with hot cheese can enjoy such things. We try to maintain not only a high standard of cuisine, but also an entertaining atmosphere wherever we serve. Even if you're not hungry you might enjoy watching the unique cooking process of melting the raclette (and our fingers) in our oversized Citroen pressure cooker.

The Team

Sam Hope

"You can say what you like about the french but when it comes to food just bow down and pay homage. I have been lucky enough to be brought up on some tasty French Alpine grub and my favourite meal by far is Raclette. Potatoes, Cheese, Meats and cornichons......yes please! I love the full flavours and my stomach loves the nutritious ingredients. come and give us a try!


Lenny Percival

"For me the most satisfying part of the whole process is the scrape. Watching all that lovely melted crispy cheese fall over the baby Charlotte potatoes and home honey roasted ham makes me hungry every time I serve a plate. That and the look on people's faces as they see what's in store for them. Originally I'm half Greek and half English but the more I do this the more I think I might have been better off born in the Alps."