Le Rac Shack - 1977 Citroen Hy Van

'Le Rac Shack' is the official name of our HY but to her friends she's better known as 'Liv' (she shares a birthday with the one and only Ms Tyler) and she's on a one van mission to spread the delights of Raclette across the country. She's an exemplary example of how adaptable an HY can be, combining the retro original exterior with a fresh state of the art catering revamp inside. Ensuring that Savoie Fayre can bring both looks and delicious cuisine to any setting.


The Citroen HY is an ultra-iconic French utility vehicle that unsurprisingly has outlasted all other classic vans. Built between 1947 and 1981 the HY endeared itself to the public with its pig like nose and its versatility. Nowadays it has become fashionable to convert these vehicles into catering vans.


Our HY is a 1977 former farm vehicle that has undergone a full restoration and catering conversion. We have enjoyed many good times cruising (cruise = operative word) around the county and beyond, receiving an overwhelming number of comments. We would all love to drive a Ferrari but it could not come close to the amounts of heads that Le Rac Shack turns.  

Le Rac Shack Menu

Le Menu



Raclette Traditional 

Potatoes, Cornichons, Raclette.


Raclette Savoyarde 

Potatoes, Cornichons, Saucisson, Homemade Honey Roasted Ham, Raclette.


Raclette Vegetarian 

Potatoes, Cornichons, Grilled Peppers & Aubergines, Pickled Artichoke Hearts, Raclette.


Raclette Breakfast 

Potatoes, Cornichons, Baked Beans, Streaky Bacon, Raclette.


Raclette Piquant 

Potatoes, Jalapeños, Chorizo, Saucisson, Sun-dried Tomatoes Raclette.


The Big Rac

Potatoes, Cornichons, Jalapeños, Chorizo, Homemade Honeyed Ham, Saucisson, Extra Raclette.





Saucisson, Ham, Chorizo, Peppers, Aubergines, Artichoke Hearts, Streaky Bacon, Sun-dried Tomatoes, Jalapeños, Baked Beans.




NEW - Croissants


Croissants filled with melted Raclette cheese.



-Cheese and Sun-dried Tomatoes 

-Ham and Cheese 

-Chorizo, Jalapenos and Cheese 

-Ham, Artichoke Hearts, Cornichons and Cheese 





San Pellegrino - (orange, lemon, grapefruit)

Coca Cola



Hot Chocolate

Bottled Water


Picture gallery: selected event highlights

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